Get an early listen to some of the sounds for Hands of War 4, the latest RPG from Axis Games.  Working on this project has provided me with immense appreciation for the artistic and creative talent that goes into video game development. 

Theme music for Hands of War 4, the latest installment to the Hands of War RPG Series

Let There Be Zombies is more than just a feature film.  This project provided a cinematic canvas for the discovery and culmination of so many unique and distinctly talented young voices, hands, and eyes.  We then tore those voices from their respective throats, lopped off as many of those hands we could, and gouged out countless eyes. 

Our Heroes' first real test.  Will they all get through unscathed?

In a brief period of calm, our heroes prepare for the storm that approaches

A mixed range of emotions, concluding in an ironic discovery

Music from the final scene of Let There Be Zombies

Galactic Junk is the brainchild of up and coming development team, Upside Down Bird.  I was especially grateful for the opportunity to offer accompaniment for such an original concept.  This game will monopolize your focus as you continually attempt to outdo yourself.

Load the turrets and get ready for some chaos

Unalii is a story about friendship and appreciating people that are different from you.  It is a film full of warmth and goodness, that will impact even the coldest.  I felt so proud to be a part of such an inspirational story about an individual who has no concept of negativity.  It is ultimately a cheerful tale, indicative of the director's outlook.  I wanted to capture that in the music. 

Meet Steve, a protagonist like no other. 

  Despite spending every day around people, Steve is still alone.

Unconditional support and recognition leads to a most likely match.